Saturday, March 08, 2008

Seasonal Eating 101

Not too long ago, the Anthropologist asked me how he was supposed to know what was in season. Rather than telling him to Google it, I put together a list of fruits and vegetables, organized by the season they are available here in California. I printed it small, so that he could tuck the paper into his wallet for easy reference when he was at the store.

Fast forward to a week or so later, when I brought chocolate sugar cookies (the first thing the Anthropologist and I have ever cooked together) to a classroom potluck. I left a little note on them, letting everyone know they were made with organic and fair trade ingredients. Apparently, when I was out of the room, the parents began talking about how it's hard to know what to buy these days. (Maybe it's time to start preparing some notes for a presentation on sustainable eating...)

Then I decided that I could share the list I created with the families — and with the entire Center in general. I emailed my coworkers to let them know I would get them some copies if they wanted them. And I got several "orders" right away! So I tweaked the format of the list to make it double-sided, still wallet-sized, with some handy info about seasonability. They are a little labor intensive to make, but I'm rather proud of them — and excited that I can share something I am passionate about.


Michael Doss said...

That's really a cool idea. I think a lot of people WANT do shop/buy right, but it can be daunting.

michelle @ the smackdown said...

that's a great idea! any way you could make it available for download? a lot of people would love and use something like that.

Teresa said...

Mike - Thanks! I've personally never seen it as daunting, and I want to help others see it as easy, too.

Michelle - I'll look into it. I'm not super tech-savvy, but I'm sure can figure out how to make it into a .pdf.